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When is a GIFT more than just a gift?

A gift is an expression of love and usually we spend a good deal of time selecting just the right gift for a special occasion for someone we love – such as a birthday, anniversary, or simply to make them happy.  When selecting a special gift for someone we seldom purchase the first thing that we see – we look around hoping to find something unique that the recipient will love.

Finding a unique one-of-a-kind gift is difficult in this world of mass manufactured items that are made in China and available in just about every big box store.  If you are looking for a unique or special handmade gift, you’ve come to the right place.  I have a growing selection of  handcrafted crochet and knitted items that I’m sure you will adore in my Shop.

Created today — treasured tomorrow

crochet an artMy handcrafted knit and crochet gift items are all made using high quality materials with lots of care, detail and love – each item is individually crafted by a real, live human being – meaning me.

I’ve been crocheting for many years and recently taught myself to knit.  To be honest, there is nothing more satisfying, relaxing, or rewarding than taking a lovely (but nondescript) skein of yarn or ball of crochet cotton and turning it into something absolutely beautiful that will last for a long time!  Anyone that I’ve ever gifted with a handcrafted item has told me that I should sell them — so, here I am 🙂

While I enjoy crafting scarves, shawls, and cowls – I fell in love with crochet stuffed animals known as Amigurumi and I’ve made several different Fantasy Amigurumi (you’ll find these on my Projects page where I’ve provided information about their creation).  These whimsical fantasy amigurumi will absolutely capture your attention and perhaps steal your heart, as they have mine.

Feel free to look around – I’m certain you’ll see something you like!

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